About Us

We  are  an electrical  contracting  company with   more  than  18 years  of experience in HVAC and Building Automation  
Our company specialises in the design and commissioning of all HVAC electrical applications with a focus

on Australian Building Greenhouse Rating. We professionally design and engineer the project, supplying AutoCAD drawings
and controls software to the client's specifications and requirements.


At Electcon we are proud to use state-of-the-art Reliable Controls®, for which we are an authorised dealer. The Reliable Controls®  MACH-System  is  easy  to  program, flexible to  install and  network, and  very  affordable  to purchase and
maintain. The MACH-System  building  controls consist  of fully networkable BACnet® controllers that are programmable
using  Microsoft  Windows  software  applications.  All  Reliable  Controls  are  backed by  an   industry  best  5-year, no
nonsense warranty.